Revive Oils is one of Victoria’s leading used cooking oil recyclers and service providers, an ISCC approved company that holds internationally recognised environmental certification. We also supply top-quality fresh cooking oils in bulk quantities to businesses across the state.

Bulk Fresh Cooking Oil Suppliers

We source premium quality cooking oil from reliable suppliers and deliver it to your business set-up in convenient packaging.
Quality comes at the core of our operation; you can always trust us to deliver cooking oils that are rich in quality. As we take up bulk orders for all types of cooking oils, we can be the one solution for all your oil requirements.

Used Oil Storage & Recycling Solutions

The easy-to-use stainless steel mobile storage units reduce associated stress and time required and simplify the entire collection procedure. Our comprehensive collection service minimises the risk factors and provides you a hassle-free use oil collection service.
No matter the scale you operate on, our collection services will accommodate your requirements and tailor our services accordingly. Our team is committed to fostering strong and lasting relationships with all Victorian food industry stakeholders and ensure we offer the most ideal solutions for the disposal of waste oil and fats.

Why 1000+ Businesses Choose Revive Oils Pty Ltd

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