Our Sustainable Used Oil Collection & Recycling Practices

We strive to recover the maximum amount of waste possible, while ensuring low environmental impact. We are your partners in becoming environmentally responsible citizens.
Reducing Environmental Impacts

We strive to consistently minimise environmental risk and decrease the impacts of our activities through consistent monitoring and incident reporting.

Spill Prevention

Proactive management is the key to spill prevention. However, if it does occur, the focus of our trained staff – control, contain, and clean, followed by reporting and recording for future prevention.

Visitor, Contractor & Staff Safety

Site safety is paramount for all staff, visitors, and contractors. Our employees receive extensive training to ensure we’re able to respond properly to any accident, spill, or emergency, if required.

Accident Prevention

Revive Oils complies with Worksafe and EPA Regulations to safeguard employees and the environment. We encourage employees to take an active role in site safety and efficiency, by contributing solutions, ideas, and improvements to better our procedures.

Managing Risk

We assess the environmental risks posed by our activities at every processing site and depot. Working together to ensure we manage operations in line with our commitment to do no harm.

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